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Discover the 7 best secrets of how to last longer in bed!

Last Longer In Bed7 Top Ways to Last Longer in Bed


As a guy, having sex is something you anxiously and enthusiastically look forward to, but what if that moment finally arrives only to be over with all too quickly? What can you do to last longer in bed? Truth be told, learning how to last longer in bed is something that can be practiced. That is good news for men who have been dealing with the embarrassment or disappointment of an abrupt ending.

Endurance is a trait that many men think they have no control over; however this is not the case. Too often, men focus on their orgasm and thereby release too quickly.  If you think you don’t have the stamina to perform longer, think again!  Every man can take advantage of a few key strategies to learn how to last longer in bed.

How to last longer in bed: 7 Tips for Satisfying Sex


  • Make foreplay last longer.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a decade or just one night, prolonging the session begins with great foreplay and will make you a better lover, too. Some men are so eager to get to the main event (the oh-so-satisfying release!) that they forget to take time along the way to please her. Forget about yourself for awhile and after things get hot and heavy, make sure you make every attempt to let her experience orgasm even before you.  That old adage “Ladies, First!” applies here.

  • Recognize and control the stages.

There are four stages of sexual gratification that you may not be aware of. Knowing them may help you learn how to last longer in bed. First the “building” or excitement stage, followed by the peak; then orgasm and finally the gratification or satisfaction. If some of the stages are skipped over or happen to quickly, then the conclusion can be more of a disappointment than a gratifying experience.  Try to be aware of these and think about it while you are in the moment to avoid the hasty and abrupt conclusion.

  • Try the squeeze tactic with kegels.

Many women use kegel exercises to control and tighten the vaginal area to keep it functioning properly. Did you know that kegel exercises work for men, too? It works by squeezing the muscle that pushes urine or ejaculatory response. You can try it the next time you pee by stopping and starting voluntarily until you have mastered and are aware of the controlled movement. Then, try it frequently throughout the day. At your desk, in the car or while sitting on the couch, practice holding and releasing that muscle for 10 second intervals. This will help you develop more control over function to help you last longer in bed.

  • Masturbation therapy.

Some men think that by holding off on masturbating and “saving” themselves for sex they will enjoy it more; however this can be a mistake. Just like any other muscle in the body, the more you work it out, the better it will function.  Keeping up with masturbation at least once a day is actually a healthy way to make your tool last longer and can help you learn how to last longer in bed.  Instead of thinking about your own release, however, think about your partner’s while you’re masturbating.  Just when you reach the point of happy ending, practice holding back instead of letting go. Make it last at least 15 minutes if you can withstand it.

  • Use Max Virility.

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  • Slow down the vigorous thrusting!

Oh yes, the thrusting is what feels so good! But instead of starting off with it, try slowing down and lingering in the vaginal entrance where the nerve endings are. She will like this, and then when you begin again with slow movements just on the inside instead of reaching far and deep right from the beginning, this will “lead up” to the best part.  Also you could start with having her on top since this often provides less stimulation to the penis.  Leave the thrusting to the fiery finish and you’ll master how to last longer in bed.

  • Relax and think about something besides the finish.

If you’re focusing on your orgasm then it will come before you want it to… no pun intended. Instead, try staying in the moment and thinking about her orgasm or even how beautiful she is, how lucky you are, anything besides your own happy ending!  That will come. Just be patient.


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