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How Erection Pills Work: Two Key Ingredients Revealed

The best natural erection pills are loaded with powerful and highly potent, sexually enhancing ingredients that have been used for generations by men from all walks of life to really take things to the next level in the bedroom.


  • It’s a fact: while some people may be apt to discuss sexual enhancers, they’ve been used for thousands of years by all sorts of different people.
  • It’s a fact: that while many couples may allude to the notion that they are not using male enhancers or erection pills – behind closed doors the supplements come out.
  • It’s a fact: that there’s about a 30% chance that any man will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point during his life.
  • It’s definitively a fact that most men will never want to admit that they may need an extra herbal boost to defeat erectile dysfunction, and that they will continue to live a life of denial instead.


Okay – so you eat healthy to stay healthy. You work out to stay trim and enjoy extra energy. And you balance your diet so you are nutritionally charged. Much in that same moniker is another adage: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


And these two potent ingredients – found in the very best erection pills – will keep erectile dysfunction away for most men… when taken as part of the daily nutrition regimen. Consider them your “sexual apples a day.”


  • Epimedium Extract – Let’s rap some jargon here for a tick. This plant extract is a powerful aphrodisiac. It promotes the production of icariin in the body. This increases levels of nitric oxide in the body. According to studies, this helps increase production of semen, aids in testicular and anal health, and increases overall sexual desire.
  • Tongkat Ali – This is found in the best erection pills. Look for high extract ratios to know that you are getting your money’s worth. It’s been used for generations by mankind as a natural testosterone booster. It helps to promote increased testosterone production in men, which helps them more easily achieve erections, desire sex more frequently … and you guessed it: last longer in bed!


Try looking for these ingredients in the male enhancer products you choose for optimal results. More ingredients to look for will be revealed in forthcoming blogs, so stick around.

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