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Wondering How to Last Longer in Bed? 3 Things You Must Know

If you’ve tried everything from wearing condoms to funky pills but still haven’t solved the mystery of how to last longer in bed, then read on!  Studies show that most men only last anywhere between five to ten minutes during sexual intercourse and many more often hit the “below 5 minute” mark. Needless to say, premature ejaculation is somewhat embarrassing to any guy who has been in the precarious position of ending an intimate moment before they are ready, and even worse, before his partner has a chance to have her turn.  Endurance and stamina are not something only sought after by marathon runners.  Men who want to know how to last longer in bed wish they had the “manpower” to keep going, at least longer than the Energizer bunny.

Quite honestly, premature ejaculation is perfectly normal. It affects every age male from college students to older men.  Even guys who have performed with excellent standards in the past are not immune from these unfortunate circumstances.  Learning how to last longer in bed is a combination of skill, mental prowess and getting the equipment to function properly.  So here’s a trick for each of the above:

  • Skills:  Practice stopping and starting in conjunction with the squeeze strategy. What this means is that when you feel that rush of blood coming and you know the moment is about to arrive, stop!  Change the pace and maybe go down under for awhile and try oral or switch it up. Then you can pick up where you left off, without disappointment!
  • Mental prowess:  Having skill is definitely a plus, but mentally being in the game is something every athlete will tell you is necessary for prolonged endurance. Remember you are not in a race and slow down! Try saying this in your head, “Thrust equals bust!” Take just the tip and work that in gently. She’ll like it and you’ll be able to prolong the session.
  • Proper function: Having an all-natural supplement like Max Virility is a great secret weapon in your arsenal of knowing how to last longer in bed. The powerful ingredients help your erection last longer naturally so you can avoid the embarrassment of going to ask the Doc for a prescription.

Trying these simple strategies will certainly give you some great improvement in your bedroom techniques. Having a happy partner and fulfilling sex life can be done when you apply these skills, mindful mementos and when you take your trusty Max Virility supplement to give you the extra edge you need. Some guys never learn how to last longer in bed, but really any man can get some extra steam for the engine just by practicing and trying harder to excel!


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