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Help – He Won’t Take Male Enhancement Pills Because They are for “WUSSIES”!


Ladies, do you have a “manly-man.” A guy that is able to fix everything. Change the oil in the car, and even take care of dirty diapers?

He’s that motivated fellow that you’ve always dreamed of; heck, that’s why you are with him.

But he has this conundrum that’s wreaking havoc on your sex life: his blood flow and circulation are not what they once were, and now it’s tough for him to get erections when the time comes to have some “alone time.”

So you heard about different male enhancement pills and you thought, “Hey, maybe my man would give these a try so we can have some gratuitous sex?”

Then the time came where you were a bit shy and intimidated by offering him the male enhancement pills, and when you did, he had a rebuttal… with nearly every excuse in the book.

Common, LAME Excuses men make when it comes time to admitting they have issues with their tissues (down there):

  • I don’t need some stupid pill to get an erection (it just is nearly impossible for me to do so is all)…
  • I am not taking this… it could be anything!
  • Male enhancement pills are for WUSSIES!
  • Only broken men need these.
  • I don’t have erectile dysfunction.
  • Why are you insulting me by handing me this freaking pill?

This is called: DENIAL.

Have you heard any of these? Do you think your man should be using supplements to perform better in bed?

Want to know a couple easy tricks that will have your man happily taking male enhancement pills to kingdom come?

Here YOU GO.

  • Promise him the utter and complete fulfillment of any sexual fantasy that you have discussed but have yet to fulfill.
  • Start taking a female enhancement pill (they do make them) for improved orgasms; and make him take his when you take yours.
  • Tease him. Sexually that is. Get him all worked up. Then seduce him. That little pill will easily find its way down the hatch.
  • Tell him that a real man knows when he needs a hammer to nail in that stud. Is he supposed to nail you with no hammer?
  • Show him all of things he could be missing; whip out the video camera. Tell him you are finally ready for that all-nighter that you TAPE. But he needs to be ready to … shall we say … rise to the occasion first.

Wondering how male enhancement pills can get your man ready for serious sex, seriously fast? We’ll cover a key ingredient that helps do this, and naturally, in our next blog post.



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