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Is Premature Ejaculating Ruining Your Sex Life? Don’t Let it!

So, what exactly is premature ejaculation and what does it mean to men?  Well, simply put in layman’s terms, prematurely ejaculating is when a guy “gets off” too quickly and reaches climax within seconds or a couple of minutes during the act of intercourse.  Premature ejaculating can be terribly disappointing and embarrassing to the male ego and also leaves his partner dissatisfied, as well.

What many men don’t realize is that premature ejaculation is a form of erectile dysfunction and contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t only happen to older men.  In fact, most of the time prematurely ejaculating is something associated with younger and more inexperienced guys. Just like a glass of wine, men improve with age and often learn how to overcome this eagerness to climax too soon.

First, many men might be wondering what a satisfactory length of time for intercourse is?  How does one know if they have a problem with premature ejaculating if they are unfamiliar with the protocol of how long they should be able to sustain an erection?  Well, this is a question that differs and depends on every couple.

According to a five-year old study by the ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine); the average male with premature ejaculation syndrome was only 1.8 minutes, while normal men lasted just over 7 minutes.  Of course some can last longer, but there is no distinctive preference as to what is considered an “acceptable” length of time for sex.  This is something that varies between every couple, with some only having about 10 minutes for a session and others having longer.

The primary cause of premature ejaculating is called early conditioning, which is a man’s rushed early response to sex and his inability to control it. This is something that improves as a guy learns how to mentally prepare for – and avoid – prematurely ejaculating. He can find ways to improve performance by slowing down, using certain techniques and also taking supplements that are known to help.

One very good supplement called Max Virility is an all-natural male enhancement pill that has a powerful blend of ingredients that are blended together to help improve stamina, which can result in helping to overcome premature ejaculating when the time comes for sexual encounters.


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