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Twosome Positions to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Okay, so you and your partner are getting it on and things are getting really, really hot (and heavy), when all of a sudden, uh oh!  You got too excited a little too soon.  How disappointing for her and for you, too.  Suddenly your mojo is gone.  If this scenario sounds all-too-familiar, you can learn how to stop premature ejaculation and avoid the embarrassment of a short ending.  And the good news is that you can get her to play along, either with or without her knowing about it!

Sometimes in order to stop premature ejaculation, you have to get to the bottom of why it’s happening.  And the most logical reason is that your girlfriend is just plain hot and exciting so you have trouble controlling your reflexes. Use that to your advantage and indulge in these great twosome positions to help stop premature ejaculation.

4 Great Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation:

  • More foreplay:  Ladies love foreplay but most guys just want to cut to the main attraction. Indulge in more massages, oral stimulation, leisurely playing with your fingertips and hands, and more sensuality. Many guys just want to strip down and start thrusting, which can lead to a quick orgasm. Stop premature ejaculation by prolonging foreplay and make sure to satisfy your partner first.
  • Get her on top:  Having her on top for awhile is less stimulating to your erection, which can help to prolong the session.  Missionary position and even from behind are more difficult to control because of the thrusting angle from which the stimulation occurs. Stop premature ejaculation with a different position.
  • Supplementation:  Try using Max Virility to improve stamina and stop premature ejaculation issues. This all-natural supplement uses potent ingredients that hold an erection longer and will make you a marathon man in bed!
  • Play with each other and moan more: Being more relaxed will help to stop premature ejaculation, which often happens because of being overly excited. If you make more noise and allow each other more relaxation then you can make the whole act of intercourse more pleasurable for both of you!

Stopping premature ejaculation can take practice, but it can be done. Men who have this form of erectile dysfunction will be much happier and so will their partner when they learn to overcome this slightly inconvenient performance issue!


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